Duration: 3 weeks
Tools: After Effects, Figma,
Photoshop, Illustrator
Role: Experimental UI Design,
Identity, Motion Graphics
An application that collects receipts in which people can document their lives by creating visual diary and timeline: Collecting receipts through camera scan/ Recognizing quantitative information add to database/photo documentation & annotations. Impactful experience to look over on a longer time bases, appreciating time : self - reflection ︎︎︎ to absord and process.


Calendar mode allows you to search collected receipts by chosen time period by year,month,day, or even a time interval of a day

Collector mode also allows camera to capture photos under receipt’s pngs, then you can add annotations at the bottom before saving to your archive

Collector mode enables scanner to auto-detect quantitative information on your receipt and saves to database

Shuffle mode allows you to pick up random receipts and retrieve corresponding visual diary of that piece